(EL PASO COUNTY, Colo.) — The stalking charges against Nicole and Courtney Mallery, the black ranchers from Yoder who alleged racism and targeting by their neighbors, have been dropped by the District Attorney’s Office, according to the Mallery’s attorneys.

In February, the Mallerys, owners of Freedom Ranch in Yoder, alleged their farm had been the targeted by their neighbors, and said the harassment was fueled by racism. The Mallerys were then arrested on felony stalking charges, and attention to the situation escalated, especially after allegations of racism against deputies with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO).

However, body camera footage was released by EPSO that showed disparities in the Mallerys’ claims. One such video showed Nicole Mallery shooting at a process server who trespassed her property in order to serve legal documents.

On May 11, the legal team representing the Mallerys announced that all charges had been dropped by the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s (DA) Office. Read the full statement from the Mallerys’ attorneys below:

“Today, prosecutors and the Court dropped all charges against the Mallerys, determining they could not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This dismissal comes four months after the Mallery’s arrest, and with the resolute advocacy and demands for accountability from the Mallerys and many in the community. We are pleased with this outcome and recognize the District Attorney’s office for reaching this conclusion. While justice has been served today, the fight for individual, law enforcement and prosecutorial accountability are far from over. We implore the District Attorney’s and Sheriff’s Offices to conduct more thorough front-end investigations before filing charges, to minimize injustices such as these in the future and to ensure the criminally accused are afforded due process of law.”

Law Office of Jeremy Loew, legal representation for Courtney and Nicole Mallery

A spokesperson with the 4th Judicial DA’s Office confirmed to FOX21 News that the charges had been dropped.