(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Bathrooms at the Mountain Metro Downtown Terminal on Nevada Avenue will be open only to passengers and Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) drivers and staff.

The change goes into effect on Sunday, April 2, according to MMT.

“Providing our drivers and passengers access to a safe and clean restroom fills a basic need and is a priority for Mountain Metro,” said Lan Rao, MMT acting transit manager. “To curb the unfortunate and inappropriate use and vandalism of the restrooms in the Downtown Terminal, use of these facilities is now limited to Mountain Metro drivers, passengers and staff.”

MMT said they have hired a cleaning service to conduct a deep clean of the facilities on Saturday, April 1. The restrooms will be closed all day for the cleaning. 

Additionally, in November of 2022, MMT increased security presence at the Downtown Terminal, especially around the restrooms, and has recently expanded its janitorial service. Security guards monitor the terminal for loitering and inappropriate behavior.