COLORADO SPRINGS — The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is celebrating Ouray’s “birdy” thirty!

The zoo’s bald eagle is 30 years old and the zoo celebrates her “hatchday” on America’s birthday.

According to CMZoo, the median life expectancy of a bald eagle in human care is 16 years. The zoo says it doesn’t know Ouray’s exact age or hatchday, because she came to them after being injured in the wild.

Bald eagles are federally protected and are illegal to own for falconry purposes, but some organizations, CMZoo included, have special permits to care for birds that cannot be released back into the wild.

Ouray went to CMZoo in March 2006, from Denver Zoo, who took her in after a wing injury left her unable to fly in 2002.

You can visit Ouray in her Rocky Mountain Wild habitat, just across the path from the North American river otters.

Remember, advance tickets are required to visit the zoo. You can plan your visit here.