CDC chooses El Paso County to take part in national study of water contamination


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. — The Centers for Disease Control has chosen the county as one of eight communities nationwide to participate in a study to evaluate the exposure to PFAS.

According to Environment Colorado, the county is home to 3 military bases and the Air Force Academy, and drinking water all over El Paso County has been contaminated by ​toxic chemicals, best known by the acronym PFAS​

Four state lawmakers met Tuesday for a press conference at Fountain Creek Regional Park. They are calling for better and longer-lasting federal clean up solutions.

“This is a bi-partisan issue that requires a significant community effort to address, and the federal government through the Air Force has caused it and in my view and I am an advocate for restored justice needs to step up and provide funding sufficient to ensure that we have safe uncontaminated water that is healthy to drink,” Senator for District 11 Pete Lee explained.

“We just have to make sure it’s not continually being used, which we have done, we have passed legislation to ensure that, but we are going to have to pass another bill to amend that first bill out,” Representative for District 21 Lois Landgraf said.

Legislators said that while there is progress made at the state level, there needs to be help from the federal government for a better solution.

Meanwhile, there are several class action suits filed against the federal government by those claiming injury from PFAS.

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