A swearing-in ceremony was held Tuesday for a group of Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASAs, assigned to children who are caught up in the court system due to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence in their homes. 

After about 30 hours of tough training, 19 volunteer advocates were sworn in as officers of the court at the El Paso County Courthouse.

“Some of these kids have been separated from their biological mother or a biological female figure for quite a while, and some of them are in different facilities, and so just to be able to have that opportunity to connect, I think, and to let them know that people care, that I care,” volunteer advocate Nicole Mattison said.

Many of these volunteers are moms and dads themselves. 

“We’re there for them to listen and then carry whatever they want to tell us,” advocate Arran Huckstep said. “They know that we’re going to carry that to the judge so the judge will hear their voice.”

They are now able to give 19 voices to the ones who need to be heard the most. 

“Just to be able to help empower and care for a child, to me was sort of the greatest thing I could do,” Mattison said. “The greatest gift of time.”

There are hundreds of kids in Colorado Springs waiting for a Court Appointed Special Advocate. If you’d like to volunteer, CASA of the Pikes Peak Region would like to hear from you.