(MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo.) — A young woman who is an advocate for the disabled community made a significant contribution toward the renovation of Carnegie Library in Manitou Springs.

Lil Griesan was hit by a vehicle while riding her bike in 2008 at the age of six. The incident left her with a traumatic brain injury, resulting in balance, coordination, and speech issues, along with a movement disorder, said the City of Manitou Springs.

Throughout her life, Lil has been an advocate for the rights of the disabled community, emphasizing the need for accessible infrastructure and buildings. The City said in high school, she worked to make her campus more inclusive and continued to make a positive impact even after graduation.

The Manitou Springs Carnegie Library has been in the community since 1911. The City is now working to renovate the building to integrate essential accessibility features and align with modern library principles while prioritizing minimal impact on the original building.

Commenting on her donation, Lil stated, “I am doing this to take care of my people.”