Care packages given to first responders in response to pandemic


COLORADO SPRINGS — The stay-at-home order is in full swing but those behind the badge are still hard at work.

“We’re all in this together, we recognize in law enforcement it’s a stressful time for everyone,” Fountain Police Chief Christopher Heberer said.

As they continue to work amid the ongoing pandemic, this new reality demands a new level of protection.

“This is a dangerous situation and a changing time,” El Paso County Sheriff Bill Elder said.

With help from SHIELD 616, first responders across southern Colorado were given care packages filled with hand sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.; designed to help them combat COVID-19.

“This is today’s ballistic protection for our first responders, cops, paramedics, firefighters,” Elder said.

The care packages were given to first responders on Friday at Phil Long Ford Chapel Hills.

As of Friday, two deputies with EPCSO tested positive for coronavirus.

“We made it known that we have a couple exposed and trying to do everything possible to keep them protected and that’s what allows us to serve our community and that’s the important piece,” Elder said.

The Sheriff and his team implementing other measures to keep their men and women in blue safe, by limiting in-person contact and letting deputies take patrol cars home. However, there are other concerns.

“We’re concerned and I have a specific concern with the jail, the jail is a captive audience, it’s a breeding ground if it gets to the jail we’re concerned about its rapid spread,” Elder said.

EPSO is also reducing the number of people taken to the jail.

The Sheriff said the number of inmates housed at the jail dropped dramatically within a month. At this time there are over 1,100 inmates at the jail.

“We have not released a single person early or someone who can’t be released,” Elder said.

As the battle against coronavirus continues, first responders are asking you to do your part.

“Voluntary compliance can keep us all safe, it’ can keep your family safe our blue and red family safe all of us safe,” Elder said.

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