Cañon City prison staff intercept large quantity of Suboxone sent by mail

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FILE – In this March 11, 2013 file photo, Shavonne Bullock, a recovering heroin addict, holds a demonstration dose of the medication Suboxone during an appointment at the West Division Family Health Center in Chicago. Each dose is incorporated on a dissolvable film, which is placed below the tongue where is dissolves and is absorbed […]

Staff at the Colorado State Penitentiary in Cañon City intercepted a large quantity of Suboxone that was sent to an inmate through the mail last week, according to prison officials. 

Suboxone is a prescription medicine that is administered in a film form and is used to treat opioid addiction. Prison officials said about 70 pieces of the drug were hidden among papers inside an envelope that was sent as privileged mail. Staff members are not allowed to read privileged mail, but they do inspect the contents for contraband in the presence of the intended recipient, according to prison officials. 

Prison officials said the drug would have gone for about $2,800 if it had been resold within the prison. 

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