Camping uptick expected at local state parks for Memorial Day weekend


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Memorial Day weekend is coming up and Colorado State Park officials are expecting the holiday to be another busy camping weekend across the state.

According to Kampsites of America’s (KOA) monthly research report, nearly 18 million people are expected to kick off their summer camping season on Memorial Day weekend.

However the spike in campers is not unusal. Jason Hagan, Cheyenne Mountain State Park ranger said it’s a trend many Colorado parks continue to see especially since 2020.

“With last year being what it was and the uptick in outdoor recreation and camping especially a lot of sites and a lot of places that are reservable are booked up already,” Hagan said.

KOA reports Colorado State is one of the top 10 places to camp in for the holiday and local campers are already seeing the increase.

“It has been packed site to site since we’ve got here. I think people are in and out and we are seeing people doing some turn-over today so I think some of the people are leaving to make room for the new weekenders coming in,” Kristen Sim, a camper at Cheyenne Mountain State Park said.

Before the pandemic, many say it was not hard to find a campsite in a week’s notice. But now, many have to plan months out.

“We actually go on 6 months to the day or these campsites usually fill up. It’s been progressively getting that way…10 years ago- no. 20 years ago- no but this year for sure,” Steve Steinke, a camper at Cheyenne Mountain State Park said.

But many campers say it’s the love for the outdoors that keeps many coming back.

“We love just getting out of the house… it’s just something different to do. Just playing, turning off all electronics, tv and just being together and being with family and enjoying ourselves,” Sim said.

To find a Colorado State campground and make a reservation visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website.

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