Businesses in Cuchara that were saved from flames facing different struggle

CUCHARA, Colo. - While the town of Cuchara was spared from the flames of the Spring Fire, the locals are looking at an uphill battle as they re-enter their town. 

In a town where their elevation is a much higher number than their population, the loss of business during the evacuation could have a lasting impact. 

"We never thought it'd make it this far," said Ed Matthas who is a property manager of vacation rentals.

Matthas had 17 properties occupied when the evacuation orders came down. 

"Fourth of July is our bread and butter, Cuchara is memorial day to labor day," said Matthas. 

Because they were evacuated during the fire, businesses were closed and reservations were canceled.  

"During the fire, we had mass cancelations, during the time we were evacuated, we all wiped out," said Matthas. "I don't have a single paying customer on the books for the next two weeks." 

Now the town is trying to rebound. 

"We are struggling getting people back. It's hard to convince people everything is fine there is no smoke no fire," Matthas said. 

Businesses are trying to get back in the swing of things. Even though their memory of the fire is still charred in everyone's mind.

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