A 4-year-old boy in Colorado Springs is battling stage 4 cancer for the second time. On Tuesday, the Colorado Springs Police Department lifted his spirits and honored little Joshua, making him one of their own.

Joshua was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer on Father’s Day weekend in 2017. After several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, Joshua was officially considered in remission.

That was the end of December 2017. But not even a month later, the cancer came back.

CSPD Officer Warren Listul said when he heard the boy’s story, he wanted to make his dream of becoming a police officer come true.

Listul said he understands the pain Joshua’s family is going through, as his wife is sick too.

“Since she also has stage 4, it struck a nerve with me, very personal,” Listul said.

Joshua’s dad, Joseph Salmoiraghi, thanked the Colorado Springs Police Department for honoring his son with the special swearing-in ceremony.

“People who don’t know him are cheering him on,” Salmoiraghi said. “What more could I ask as a dad?”

Joshua will start six months of aggressive chemotherapy starting Thursday. He’ll also undergo another round of radiation, this time on his whole chest.