Boosting the best at the AFA’s Human Performance Lab


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Inside the Air Force Academy’s Human Performance Lab, science meets success.

“It’s good for them to understand where they’re at so that they know how they can progress and get better, whether it’s maintaining their strength or fixing their weaknesses,” said Dyana Bullinger, Assistant Director and Exercise Physiologist for the Human Performance Lab.

Athletes and cadets have access to the lab where a multitude of muscles and skills can be trained and improved. There’s a tent that can add or remove oxygen to simulate training at different altitudes, and a high-speed treadmill that can push current limits.

“We also have our vision training program, which is all over the lab,” Bullinger said. “We’ve got about 16 different exercises that we’ll use to train the eyes, both the musculature of the eyes and the visual system.”

The goal of all the programs is the same: to boost the current best.

“If we can lift a little bit heavier and do a little bit more when we’re on the field, on the court, in the car or walking through a crowded mall, or we’re breaking down doors for a military operation, we can be a little bit better,” Bullinger said.

FOX21’s Abbie Burke asked to be put through the ringer to see if she could become a better news anchor. Watch the video to learn more about the programs offered in the lab and to find out how she did.

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