Blue-green algae discovered in Pikeview Reservoir


Courtesy: Colorado Springs Utilities

COLORADO SPRINGS — Pikeview Reservoir tested positive for the poisonous bacteria making headlines, known as blue-green algae.

Much like Prospect Lake while the reservoir is still safe for fishing, humans and pets are prohibited from entering the water until further notice. 

As a source of drinking water, Pikeview has been removed until the reservoir is determined to be clear of the algae. There is no concern about this impacting the community’s water supply.

“It’s our responsibility to provide safe, reliable drinking water to our community and to always consider public safety at our reservoirs. We will continue to closely monitor our reservoirs and take appropriate actions,”

Earl Wilkinson, Chief Water Services Officer

Warming temperatures have contributed to the growth of the bacteria, causing an increased occurrence of toxic blue-green algae in reservoirs across the United States.

Blue-green algae multiply rapidly from a combination of sustained hot weather, stagnant water, and polluted storm-water runoff. All of this helps form a type of blooming algae which can produce toxins harmful to both humans and animals.

The risk to humans can include skin and eye irritation, flu-like symptoms, breathing issues, and gastrointestinal illness.

Prospect Lake, a recreational lake in Colorado Springs, also recently tested positive for the algae and is also closed to full-body contact.

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