COLORADO SPRINGS — Kindergartners at Queen Palmer Elementary in Colorado Springs received new bikes on Tuesday.

Governor Jared Polis was in attendance for the giveaway, which is part of the All Kids Bike kindergarten PE Program sponsored by HDR and the BNSF Railway Foundation. The initiative aims to place kindergarten learn-to-ride programs in public schools. Tuesday’s event helped launch the program in District 11 elementary schools using donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

“Not every kid, especially our low income families, not every kid has a bike at home, right? Not every kid has a parent who knows how to use a bike,” the Governor said Tuesday. “So we can’t just take these things for granted. So making sure that every kid has an opportunity for the mobility, for the exercise, for the fun, for the health. That’s what this program is all about.”

Kids were shown proper safety, including helmet use, along with instruction on how to ride.

The district even tweeted a fun video of Governor Polis enjoying a ride with some of the kids.

The All Kids Bike program launched in 2018, and there are already more than 500 schools across all 50 states teaching kids how to ride over the next five years.