(COLORADO SPRINGS) — A video was sent to the FOX21 News of a bear cub near Lake Avenue in southwest Colorado Springs.

The video was captured near The Broadmoor. The cub appeared to be alone sitting under a tree with no mama bear in sight.

If you see cubs chances are a mama is nearby, so leave the area immediately. Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) says how you react to seeing a bear depends on where you are and what the bear is doing.

What to do if you see a bear: CPW Tips

  • If on a hike, and the bear is doing its own thing, you should leave it alone, make plenty of noise, and leave the area.
  • If in your yard, next to a house, or in a city you should attempt to scare it away by making loud noises. Make sure you are indoors, or in a safe location, and make sure you are not blocking its escape route.
  • If you surprise a bear on a trail, stay calm, don’t move, and talk in a calm voice.
  • Never run or climb a tree.
  • If a bear approaches you try and look big and back away slowly to a safe location, or until it is out of sight.
  • If you are ever attacked by a bear fight back, yell, throw rocks, or use bear spray, bears will most likely retreat when confronted.

For more information on how to live in bear county, you can click on the link above to the CPW website.