Back to School: 5 apps to make the year easier on you and your student

Back to School Apps

Some southern Colorado pupils are heading back to school as soon as Wednesday, August 1.  

It’s always a good idea to be prepared before they scurry off to the bus stop.

If you have elementary or middle school students, there are five apps you need to download right now that could help make the school year easier on not only you but your little one too. 

1. Your child’s school or district’s app. You can access school news, teach and staff directories, cafeteria menus, or receive notifications from the district or school. 

2. Flipp– It allows you to search and compare coupons and deals from more than 800 retailers which can help you save 20 to 50 percent more on back to school items. 

3. Life 360 It is a location-sharing app. Just register your child’s smartphone and Life 360 will track them on a private map. 

4. PhotoMath–  It can help you double check your child’s homework and learn how to help them in the future. Simply point your phone’s camera toward a math problem, PhotoMath automatically solves it and gives you step by step instructions on how they got the answer. 

5. WebMD– If your kiddo wakes up feeling ill, but you’re not sure whether to send them to class or keep them home, simply check their symptoms with WebMD. The symptom checker tool can help you decide if you need to call the family physician.

These are the apps your high school or college student should know about:

1. Your child’s school, district, university or community college’s app. This will allow the student or parent to access important campus information, maps, schedules, and grades. 

2. Evernote– It will organize your life and allow you to take better notes during class. It can also clip and highlight articles from the web for research or studying. 

3. Quizlet– It helps you create flashcards so you can practice and quiz yourself before a test or choose from millions of flashcards for your subject already made by other students in the public database. 

4. Flipd The app locks your phone down for a period of time, however long you choose. The full lock option even hides all apps on the phone while the timer runs. Calls and texts are still accessible. 

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