(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Many of the foods we cook, especially for holiday meals, contain fats, oil, and grease (FOG). And our arteries are not the only risk! Improperly disposed FOG can collect in wastewater lines and cause back-ups in your home that require expensive repairs. 

Colorado Springs Utilities said they work hard to clean and maintain the city’s wastewater system’s main lines, but the lines that connect each residence to the system fall under the homeowner’s responsibility. 

Springs Utilities said customers can help avoid potentially costly clogs this holiday:

  • Wiping pots, pans, and dishes with a paper towel before washing them. 
  • Pouring leftover grease into an empty can or container and throwing it away when it hardens. 
  • Scraping food scraps in the trash to minimize garbage disposal use. 
  • Covering drains with screens or catch baskets. 
  • Composting food scraps. 

Avoid an expensive call to a plumber on Christmas Day, and make sure you dispose of all that FOG properly.