On the anniversary of Micah Flick’s death, the attorney of the innocent bystander who is now paralyzed after gunfire from the same shooter held a press conference. 

The lawsuit, filed by Joseph Ramos on behalf of Thomas Villanueva, is against El Paso County and the City of Colorado Springs and everyone involved in the incident, including the estate of Micah Flick.  

Ramos said it’s required by law to include all parties, otherwise, he might not be able to be compensated.

Ramos said Villanueva has received hate mail for including Det. Flick’s name in the lawsuit and just for filing in the first place.

“He is honoring Officer Flick today, as much as anyone else,” Ramos responded to the comments about the accusation of it being insensitive.   

Ramos’ argument is that reckless action of law enforcement caused Villanueva’s life to be changed forever. 

“[He] will never walk again, he must use a catheter to urinate. He must have the assistance of a lift, the same kind you would use to lift a car engine up, just to get into his bed,” said Ramos. “The changes that this means in his life, that has lead to obvious depression.”  

Now he has no feeling or use of his body from the chest down.  

This, after he was struck by a bullet from a suspect that law enforcement was trying to arrest; that suspect eventually killed by police.  

On this somber day, Villanueva’s attorney, Joseph Ramos held a press conference asking the local agencies to take responsibility.   

They are requesting no specific dollar amount, but Ramos asked for him to be compensated like a paralyzed officer. They plan to ask for expenses for medical equipment and medications as well as emotional damages.  

“This is about a lot more than money this is about public safety so that this doesn’t’ happen to another person,” said Ramos.  

Ramos said the lawsuit isn’t against the officers, it’s about holding agencies accountable for their practices. He called the incident a disaster, said Villanueva was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was a victim of a flawed operation.  

“There are two sides to every story,” said Ramos.  “I suspect that we will find significantly flawed operations, directed by governmental entities. I suspect that we will find police officers that are forced into positions, by bureaucrats, for lack a better term. Where lack of proper planning placed people unnecessarily at risk and who recklessly place Thomas Villanueva at risk.”  

Ramos vowed to turn over every single stone and said they have received some documents on the training officers receive.  

“I think that needs to change or you will see more and more officers die. If they are going to allow, innocent bystander into operation perimeter. You are going to see more and more innocent civilians die, period, something has to change,” said Ramos.