As the cold sets in, Colorado Springs shelter prepare for crowds


COLORADO SPRINGS — The rapid and drastic temperature drop Colorado is seeing puts a particularly vulnerable population at even greater risk; the Springs Rescue Mission is ready to bring 450 people out of the cold.

Ronny Lee Sallywhite has been utilizing the Rescue Mission for the past two months after some trouble in his personal life.

“Right now, I’m living in Colorado Springs because I’ve come to a place to get some help,” said Sallywhite.

Sallywhite found himself in Colorado Springs needing help, so he turned to the Springs Rescue Mission to get it.

He said, “These two months I’ve been here, I’ve been took care of and fed and been having a good time.”

And others may soon join him there as high temps dropped fast overnight into Tuesday and snow began to fall.

“I know that our teams are ready, and they are going to do everything they can to serve anybody that needs shelter tonight,” said Travis Williams, the Chief Development Officer for Springs Rescue Mission.

But, bad weather isn’t the only threat facing the rescue mission.

“We had some of those snowstorms back in April and May of last year gave us a preview of how we’re going to manage COVID and the weather,” according to Williams.

The rescue mission says that it includes more cleaning around campus, adding hand washing stations as well as sanitizing stations, and making masks available to anyone who needs one.

Williams says, “It’s really challenging for as many people as we’re serving but we’re going to do our best.”

The missions goal is to save as many lives as possible, regardless of how difficult the path may be.

“We’re not just concerned with tonight’s frigid temperatures, but we’re trying to help people find a pathway out of homelessness, poverty, and addiction,” added Williams.

Helping people like Sallywhite – one by one.

“I feel grateful. I ain’t worried about nothin,” voiced Sallywhite.

Springs Rescue Mission says due to COVID-19 there’s been an increase of people they’ve been serving and are in need of some donations.

Williams says there’s always a need for warm gloves, warm socks, warm clothing, and cash donations.

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