App aims to keep kids safe as they return to their classrooms


As more and more and kids are heading back to the classroom, issues like bullying and harassment and other threats are also returning to the hallways. 

The El Paso County Sheriff Office said almost one out of every four students report being bullied during the school year. 

Safe 2 Tell is a website, tip line and app that students and parents can report issues from underage drinking and bullying to child abuse and rape.  

If serious threats are made through the Safe 2 Tell app, law enforcement is notified and can step in if necessary. 

“Once the app receives that information, they thoroughly review it and give it to appropriate jurisdiction or law enforcement agency to thoroughly investigate further,” said Natalie Sosa with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.  

It’s not always easy for kids to talk to parents or teachers about problems so the goal of the app is make “snitching” ok.  

“Especially in middle school, nobody wants to be the one that told on somebody,” said Amber Perkins, a Horizon Middle School parent.   

“It’s a pretty good idea.  Especially if it is kid friendly because a lot of them now, have their own phones and tablets and stuff,” said Nicole Noller, a Remington Elementary School parent. 

The information a student shares could protect every student in the school or just one student in crisis.  

“It’s ok to report that,” said Sosa. “There is a safe place to do that and it’s important to encourage parents to have those conversations.”

Bullying was the third most reported incident on Safe 2 Tell in the 2017-2018 school year. 

You can submit tips on a website, a phone call or a mobile app.  

Click here to submit a tip or download the app.

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