Amazon hires independent contractors to deliver packages in Colorado Springs


If you’ve seen different people delivering your Amazon packages in the last week or so, it’s all a part of a new program Amazon has integrated into Colorado Springs.

The Amazon Flex program hires many independent contractors to deliver your Amazon packages, but these people might not look like your typical mail-delivery person. 

Zachary is an independent contractor for Amazon Flex. FOX21 went on a ride with him while he delivered packages. 

“I love it. I love being my own boss,” Zachary said. “Being able to work when I want to and how I want to.” 

Zachary wants you to be aware that these deliverers might not look like your typical mail person.

“Just be wary that some of us are completely unmarked and don’t have branded items, and we’re just there to deliver your packages,” Zachary said.

He’s had some scary moments on the job.

Zachary said when he walked up to a house earlier this week, “They did answer their house with a pistol,” since they didn’t know who it was. 

But as the saying goes, don’t shoot the delivery person.

“Everybody’s ordering packages, everybody’s trying to get their stuff in time for the holidays, and that’s exactly what Amazon is trying to do, by getting independent contractors, and getting you guys’ packages out on time,” Zachary said.

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