Alternate measures in place for the Dragon Boat Championship

Courtesy: GWN Events

Courtesy: GWN Events

COLORADO SPRINGS — The US National Dragon Boat Championships were scheduled to be held at Prospect Lake the weekend of August 24-25, 2019. As of right now, Prospect Lake remains closed.

Since the algae bloom in Prospect Lake is self-limiting, and no official word when it will naturally correct itself, alternate measures have been put in place for the Dragon Boat Championship.

The backup location is Quail Lake Park in Colorado Springs.

While not as large as Prospect Lake, Quail Lake can accommodate the race with limited modifications. 

While the distance is not ideal for some, considering the circumstances, it will produce a fair and equal racing experience. 

The festival is said to offer a unique racing experience giving participants, new and experienced, a dragon boat experience with a Western flair.

The City and local partners are not going to formally relocate the event until next week; they are planning to see if Prospect Lake reopens. If the location changes, this should not affect any out-of-state travel plans for participants.

The City is said to be performing additional tests this week to see if the blue-green algae levels have dropped to an appropriate level.

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