COLORADO SPRINGS — Epiphany in Downtown Colorado Springs has closed its doors after only six months of operation amid allegations that part-owner Russ Ware misused funds.

Epiphany was located in the building that once was home to the Thirsty Parrot and had only opened about six months ago. It closed its doors unexpectedly on Saturday, leaving the future uncertain for 35 employees of the business.

In a joint statement released on Thursday, Epiphany, Wild Goose Meeting House, Good Neighbors Meeting House, and The Well said they are looking to split ties with Ware, who is partial owner and investor of the four businesses.

Read the full statement below:

Recently we have been made aware of the misuse of funds related to the operations of Wild Goose Meeting House, Good Neighbors Meeting House, Epiphany, and The Well by owner, investor and/or operator, Russ Ware. While we are still in the due diligence phase of better understanding the depths of his actions, each enterprise has acted to separate Russ Ware from the operations and management of these entities.

At this time, each LLC is reviewing the impact of these actions including auditing of financials, understanding of cash flow and possible legal implications. We are in the early stages of researching this troubling discovery but are committed to a thoughtful approach that reveals the facts of the matter. Each LLC is dedicated to working together to better understand how the misuse of funds occurred.

Collectively, each LLC, which includes multiple investors, subscribes to the power of community, connectedness and convergence to inspire the best in our growing city. We believe in gathering places and communal spaces for rich conversation, ideation and openness for what’s possible for our city. This vision is truly the touchstone for our investment in these businesses.

The actions of Russ Ware represent a gross act of defiance and violate all aspects of trust among investors, community and business stakeholders and the greater community.

At this time, we are assessing the strength of each enterprise to better determine what the future holds. As of June 4, 2022, Epiphany ceased all operations. It is unclear whether Epiphany will reopen. Wild Goose Meeting House, Good Neighbors Meeting House, and The Well will remain open and run under the management of current staff, with oversight from the respective LLC. Changes and adjustments will be made as needed. We are committed to open and honest communication with all staff members and are working hard to demonstrate their value and importance to the future of the business.

While we are devastated by the actions of this individual, we are unwavering in our commitment to these invaluable community assets and how they strengthen our city.

This is not the first time Russ Ware has come under fire for his business dealings. In 2020, employees rallied for better communication from investors, fair labor practices, and more transparency.

Wild Goose Meeting House and Good Neighbors Meeting House have filed a police report, FOX21 News is working to obtain a copy and will share the details when they are received.