Air Force Academy Cadets undergo basic training


Right now Air Force Academy Cadets are going through basic training, it prepares cadets for anything they might face during their Military careers.

On Monday, the cadets were suited in U.S. Military gear which will protect them from toxic environments as Cadets learn how important it is to make sure gear is put on right and used correctly.

“Chemical and biological weapons are a real legitimate threat, specifically when we are talking about the Korean peninsula. Airmen stationed over there today, they train in this gear pretty frequently,” said Liam Connolly, CBRNE Course Commander.

During the gear training, cadets suit up, put on gas masks and go inside a shipping container, that is then filled with tear gas.

Once inside they are told to line up; and one by one, are told to take off their gas masks and breathe while walking outside.

“Your eyes are going to be on fire, you’re not going to want to open them up, your lungs are going to burn, you’re going to start coughing up a storm, your nose is going to be running, your skin is going to sting, it’s a lot of pain,” said Connolly.

According to Connolly, it is important for cadets to endure this type of training, because it prepares them for what might lie ahead.

“It’s very likely that at some point in their Air Force career, they are going to be expected to wear this gear, train in it and so to be exposed to it now, is very valuable,” said Connolly.

While this training exercise is tough, some say it is not even the toughest part. The other grueling training is the assault course.

“Only the strong survive, you can’t come through this thing and be weak, you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself,” said Luke Dekker, Assault Course Commander.

Two weeks of this training takes place at Jacks Valley on the Air Force Academy. In total, basic training lasts 38 days.

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