(CUSTER COUNTY, Colo.) — The Custer County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are investigating allegations of elder abuse after actor John Amos was hospitalized in Tennessee.

Amos portrayed James Evans Sr. on the CBS television series ‘Good Times.’ CCSO said Amos has been a “beloved member” of the Custer County community and an “ardent supporter” of the Sheriff’s Office. CCSO wished Amos a speedy recovery in a press release, stating that the actor had been hospitalized in Tennessee.

CCSO went on to explain that an allegation of possible abuse had been made to its office and said it is thoroughly investigating the allegations with help from the CBI and Department of Human Services. CCSO said it had also been in contact with Amos’ attorney.

“We take allegations of crimes very seriously,” CCSO said.

Colorado Revised Statutes do not have a specific charge of Elder Abuse, CCSO said, though there are numerous other crimes that would commonly be perpetrated, and there is a “penalty enhancement” for certain crimes against victims over 70.

The crimes delineated by CCSO include the following:

  • Criminal negligence
  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Caretaker neglect
  • Sexual assault
  • Exploitation

CCSO said these crimes are commonly perpetrated under the common term of “elder abuse,” but did not specify whether all or some of these crimes were relevant to the investigation involving Amos.

“The men and women of the Custer County Colorado Sheriff’s Office want to extend our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for Mr. John Amos,” said CCSO.