(COLORADO SPRINGS) — 33 people were cited, four felony warrants cleared and 40 misdemeanor warrants cleared after the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) cleared out campers and trespassers along the Greenway Trail and Fountain Creek on Thursday.

CSPD said the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and HOT Subject Matter Experts from the Gold Hill Division, Stetson Hills Division, Sand Creek Division, and the Falcon Division conducted a “deployment targeting trespassers/campers” along the Greenway Trail and Fountain Creek from Cimarron Street and I-25 to the Highway 24 bypass with I-25, south of the South Nevada Avenue exit.

CSPD said officers contacted 51 people, and issued the following citations:

  • 29 people cited for trespass on Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Colorado Springs Utilities property
  • Four people cited for camping near a waterway
  • Three people cited for possession of narcotics (two for methamphetamine, one for fentanyl)
  • One cited for obstruction

CSPD said officers also took 14 people to the Criminal Justice Center, clearing four felony warrants and 40 misdemeanor warrants. Aside from the 33 people cited, 18 first-time offenders were given verbal warnings.

In addition to the efforts on Thursday, CSPD said 50 camps were also posted for cleanup of the area starting Monday, April 3 and continuing through the week. That cleanup will be conducted by the City’s Quality of Life team, CDOT, and Stormwater employees.