(COLORADO SPRINGS) — After two years of construction on 30th Street near Garden of the Gods Park, the project is officially complete.

The final component, two retaining walls on the east side of 30th Street between Mesa Road and Gateway Road, were recently completed and marked the end of the massive improvement project, which broke ground nearly two years ago, on Oct. 22, 2021.

“Garden of the Gods is the most visited attraction in Colorado Springs, with more than 4 million visitors from all 50 states and more than 60 countries coming to discover the beauty and history,” said the project team in an email on Tuesday, Sept. 19. “The improvements of this project are critical components of the transportation system along 30th Street that benefit all users of the 30th Street corridor, whether visiting Garden of the Gods Park and the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center or commuting through daily.”

The project has improved roadway safety for three miles of 30th Street between Mesa Road and Fontanero Street, which will also create an effective emergency evacuation corridor for northwest Colorado Springs.

  • 30th Street Corridor Project wraps up
  • 30th Street Corridor Project wraps up
  • 30th Street Corridor Project wraps up
  • 30th Street Corridor Project wraps up
  • Foothills Trail Pedestrian Crossing
  • 30th Street Corridor Project wraps up

Notable improvements include:

  • The wider road and addition of paved multi-purpose shoulders improves safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists and creates another option for safe evacuation of residents if needed. Drivers are now able to pull over more easily in the event of a minor roadway emergency, and emergency vehicles, like ambulances and fire trucks can pass through traffic more safely.
  • Intersection improvements were made at Fontanero Street, Westmoor Drive, Water Street, and Gateway Road.
  • Intersection improvements at Gateway Road include a new roundabout to better ease congestions into/out of Garden of the Gods Park.
  • Better connectivity to Foothills Trail from the overflow parking lot and safety features for pedestrians were added such as an underpass of Gateway Road.
  • A new storm sewer system including pipes and a water quality pond were installed.
  • Sanitary sewer, gas lines, and other utility upgrades were made along the corridor.
  • Retaining walls were added to accommodate the widened road and improve slope stability at some locations.
  • The main monument sign was placed at a plaza north of the park entrance intersection for a safer environment for photos and to reduce traffic congestion.