(WOODLAND PARK, Colo.) — Woodland Park celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with their annual Unity Festival on Saturday.

“This is our way to help bring a celebration of social justice and social equity to Woodland Park and Teller County,” said Charlotte Ricket, MLK Jr. Unity Festival coordinator.

The festival included group arts and crafts projects as well as live performances from local bands.

“I love bringing my children to this event because it celebrates everything that we should be focusing on as far as peace and love and unity,” said Peggy Wallace.

Bringing people together is the focus of the event.

“It gives kids a place to come and socialize with other members of their community that they may not have known, or they’re just meeting for the first time,” said Donny Ricket, MLK Jr. Unity Festival assistant coordinator.

Hosted by the religious group Bahá’ís of Woodland Park and Teller County, the Unity Festival has become a tradition, this year marking 25 years since its start.

“Teller County, when we started this, we had very little diversity…We have stations around [the festival] where you can learn a little bit more about black history about Dr. Martin Luther King junior himself…We wanted the community to get some experience with cultural diversity,” said Charlotte Ricket.

The community is hoping to do more events like this in the future.

“I think this gives people an opportunity to see that there is a desire for inclusion…I would like to see more opportunities for us to come together as a whole, learn about each other, and grow from our differences,” said Erin O’Connell, singer of Tava Blue Band, which was performing at the festival.