13 superstitions on Friday the 13th


COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s Friday the 13th, get ready for 13 supersitions explained.

  1. The number 13: It’s widely considered to be an unlucky number believed to bring bad luck.
  2. Friday the 13th: A really unlucky day where coincidentally, multiple bad things seem to happen.
  3. Spilling salt: People believed spilling salt was an invitation to the devil to come into your life and bring bad luck.
  4. Walking under a ladder: There are many origins of where walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck. One belief comes from the medieval times, where it was thought to foreshadow your death by hanging.
  5. Black cats: It all depends on the country. For example, Egypt saw a black cat as lucky. While medieval Europe believed witches could transform into black cats, warning you of a series of misfortune.
  6. Broken mirror: You may have heard if you break a mirror, you’ll get seven years bad luck. But people believed looking into a mirror was like looking into your soul and if you broke it, the last reflection of the person it held would have bad luck.
  7. Opening an umbrella indoors: Believed to defy the natural order and insulting spirits, which will bring you bad luck.
  8. Stumbling: A sign of unforeseen evil forces as a last warning.
  9. Knock on wood: To ward off bad spirits, people would knock on trees (wood) believing spirits and gods lived in them.
  10. Pennies from Heaven: They’re thought to be a sign from your deceased loved ones, showing you that they’re thinking of you on the other side.
  11. Four-leaved clover: Believed to bring good faith, love, hope, and luck.
  12. Pointing: People believed black magic would come through your pointer finger, putting death at that person.
  13. Bad things come in threes or is third time’s a charm?

Disclaimer: There are many different beliefs to these superstitions, the ones we chose were just the ones we found interesting!

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