COLORADO SPRINGS (KXRM) — Now that election season is here, a Colorado Springs voting group has identified a lack of registered Gen Z voters across El Paso County.

With the Primary election happening June 28th, The League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak region is encouraging students to join forces with other Gen Z’s to register and vote.

“Those that allow their young people to have a voice are simply moving ahead more quickly and we need to do the same,” said Peggy Henjum, a volunteer for The League of Women Voters.

New this election season, students aged 16 to 23 can participate in a video contest to help their peers find their voice at the ballot box.

Students will have the opportunity to win prize money by submitting a 30 to 60 second video to entice their peers to register and vote, but during your submission you must remain non-partisan.

Organizers continue to fight for all Coloradans to register to vote, but are now focusing on younger generations: “Let’s face it they are simply going to have to deal with the same issues we are dealing with now, and in a much more pronounced way than we will,” Henjum said. “Boomers are a huge population and we drive a lot of good things, but we really need to make room for this Gen Z generation to lead.”

The group is still in the preliminary stages and need more students to get involved to get the project underway. Organizers will meet the second Monday of each month and plan to continue the contest through October to the November 2022 election.

To register to vote, visit: GoVoteColorado.