COLORADO SPRINGS — Tocqueville Asset Management L.P. and CapZone Impact Investments LLC are investing in the Colorado Springs Project.

Veterans Victory Housing and Small Business Center created the Colorado Springs Project which includes 240 units of housing and a small business center for veterans, and disabled veterans.

“It’s a community within a community. It’s high tech and it’s green. It’s ADA accessible,” said Kim Kuhle, Veterans Victory Housing and Small Business Centers Founder and Manager.

Kim said they have some renters lined up and said the application is online.

“The individual applies online and in a way very similar to any other apartment complex,” said Kuhle. “Then if someone wanted to rent or buy a small business office, then we can just receive a phone call from them and begin the negotiations.”

In the Pikes Peak region there are a total of eight opportunity zones, this development is one of them.

“Colorado Springs turned out from our analysis to be the ideal space to create an opportunity zone, which is basically designed to take an economically depressed or out-of-favor area and uplift it,” said Joseph Zock, Managing Director at Toqueville Asset Management. “So, in the case of Colorado Springs, we’re on the outskirts, close to the airport.”

Joseph Zock spoke about the property and how helpful Kim was in the project.

“The property is beautiful. It looks straight up at Pikes Peak, and we’ll give credit to the people portion of that because Kim Cooley has really been the inspiration for our investment,” said Zock. “I can honestly say without her, we would not have considered this property or this investment.”

The investment from CapZone and Tocqueville will help create more jobs for veterans.

“The money that CapZone and Tocqueville are helping to bring forward creates jobs. And that means that every ten, $10 million worth of investment creates 45 jobs permanent jobs,” said Kuhle.

Kim also said these additional jobs will help veterans transition and be beneficial to the city of Colorado Springs.

“This is where we’re doing it in a really impactful way, in a sudden a way that will generate many returns for the city of Colorado Springs in the future,” said Kuhle.

To learn about volunteer opportunities with Veterans Victory Housing and Small Business Centers Founder and Manager visit their website.