(COLORADO SPRINGS) — 75-year-old Helen Tucker served in the U.S. Navy for 19 years and was inspired to follow in her father’s footsteps.

“That was my papa,” said Tucker. “He said, if you’re an American, you must defend.”

Tucker recalled memories with her father and sister, and the special bond they all shared in serving our country.

“The last we had a Memorial Day parade, this is in upstate New York, and we had three generations of our family marching in the parade,” said Tucker.

Tucker added that her dad “instilled a sense of duty” in her.

“Well, it’s hard for me to ask for help, I was never raised that way,” said Tucker. “I’m first generation American, and we’re used to doing things ourselves.”

Tucker has lived in her mobile home for 17 years, but due to declining health factors she has struggled to maintain her home.

Rebuilding Together Colorado and Lockheed Martin partnered to provide home repairs for her on Veterans Day.

“We actually put in this new light that’s a part of her ceiling fan,” said Jodie Liddy, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Colorado. “We put in a new doorbell, but that would be outside and a new exterior light at the front, as well as an exterior light in the back.”

Other repairs include new door handles to help with her arthritis and new flooring in her bedroom.

“They’ve repaired the bedroom floor when the rain had come, water had leaked, rotted the floor out,” said Tucker. “They’re redoing the roof, so I don’t have to worry about leaks this spring.”

Rebuilding Together’s Veterans at Home initiative helps provide no-cost home improvements to veterans and their families to make living easier.

These home updates will help make the day-to-day life for Tucker easier.

“We went in today and moved some stuff out of the room, ripped up some old floors, actually put down some new flooring, so that we can put the actual new flooring on top, said Carlos Arcila, Professional Pathways Program Lead at Lockheed Martin. “So we’re making some needed repairs in there.”

Arcila also is a veteran and described the day as giving back a little to somebody who’s given so much.

“It’s humbling and honoring,” said Arcila. “As a veteran myself, we understand from day one that it’s about taking care of your brothers and sisters.”