MONUMENT, Colo. — For some tweens, Friday’s hike was more than just a good time in the outdoors.

“We are doing this kind of for fun, but kind of also for like, charity too,” said 10-year-old Maili Foreman.

These little ladies are part of the group Grounded Girls – a group formed to help them learn valuable lessons about life and finding the positives in every situation.

“I use mindfulness to help with that stress reduction. So, it helps them find a happy place inside of them that is not attached to an external source,” said psychotherapist Kerry Foreman, founder of Grounded Girls.

Part of that includes helping others.

“Everybody should treat people the way that they want to be treated. And that they should give things that they don’t need to people that need them,” said 10-year-old Victoria Lueck.

The girls embarked on their first mission with a five-mile hike to raise money for the homeless.

“Part of mindfulness is a lack of judgment. It’s kindness and compassion for yourself and for others. And I think the homeless community is one of those communities that is judged a lot,” Foreman said.

She added that she knew Colorado Springs has a lack of beds for the homeless and with one shelter already shut down, there’s an even bigger shortage.

“Everyone should help someone in their life, just some way in kindness or something that you can do for them,” Maili said.

Grounded Girls exceeded their goal of $500 and raised nearly $800. The funds will go toward helping Springs Rescue Mission with their shelter expansion.

For more information about Grounded Girls and Get Grounded, visit the link here or contact Kerry Foreman at