DENVER (KDVR) — A tactical expert spoke to FOX31 about tips you need to know if you ever find yourself in a mass shooting scenario.

It’s a morbid, even sad thing to think about but as this tactical expert explained, you’d rather be prepared for the worst than caught off guard if you were near an active shooter.

“When you walk into the supermarket, when you walk into any public place, have a plan,” tactical expert James Allbee said.

Allbee saw the images of the shooting in Buffalo and said it’s a moment to reflect on putting yourself in that situation to know what to do.

“It might even come down to, moment to moment, where you’re going down each and every aisle where’s possibly a good place to hide,” Allbee said.

Your first option, Allbee said, should always be to get away from danger.

“Try to find some place to flee, get out of there, know where your options are, know where your exits are,” Allbee said.

Your last option should be knowing how to defend yourself.

“If you got to throw, throw anything you can at them, if it’s a can of green beans, do it,” Allbee said.

Allbee says to pay attention and stay vigilant at all times.

“Put your phone down, we tend to get involved with our phones so much and everything around us that we’re not paying attention to the environment,” Allbee said.

As much as the physical environment matters, Allbee said, the people do as well.

“Pay attention to the people that are around you, it’s amazing what happens if you just make eye contact with somebody, good, bad or indifferent,” Allbee said. “People typically don’t want to be identified.”

Another bit of advice Allbee offered, if you see something suspicious, always say something.

It’s better to check on something that might be nothing than to be what Allbee calls a “good” victim.