Local organizations pick-up wood destroyed by Black Forest Fire


BLACK FOREST, Colo. — Six years have passed since two lives were lost, 509 homes destroyed, and more than 14,000 acres burned.

In June 2013, the Black Forest Fire consumed our thoughts.

In the time that’s passed, a few local groups started working together to help those still recovering from that tragedy.

“It’s out of sight, out of mind,” said Lou Valencia who started this as his community project.

“It was depressing to look at all the dead trees and the wood on the ground that wasn’t being used,” said Jan who lives in Black Forest.

Six years after the fire, 8,000 acres of wood debris still cover the ground.

“That struck a chord in my heart,” said Valencia. “That’s a scary thought, that more lives could be uprooted more homes could be destroyed.”

This weekend, a handful of volunteers cleaned up about 15 acres of property in Black Forest.

“It gives us a sense of closure,” said Jan.

The group loaded up wood scraps and hauled them away and gave them a second life. That wood is then donated to families who rely on wood to heat their homes.

“It saves me money that I don’t have, it keeps my house warm, keeps from burning propane that I can’t afford,” said Steve.

“I’m a disabled veteran this makes a world of difference to me because I physically can’t bend down, like do the things these people have done. This helps my entire family,” said disabled veteran Buddy.

They are raising money to continue their clean up efforts because the work is far from over if you’d like to donate tap here.

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