(PUEBLO, Colo.) — The rustling of corn stalks, crunching of leaves on the ground, and of course the pumpkins — all signs fall is here. But, other signs are the farms prepping for harvest.

“We’re kicking off all our harvest festival stuff Friday morning,” said second-generation farmer at Milberger farms, Dalton Milberger.

The harvest festivities include many things for kids to do while parents pick up their produce.

“We’ll have a pumpkin patch, hay rides, barrel rides, corn box, a kid maze,” Milberger said.

Then, there’s the corn maze.

“We plant the seed and once the corn is about six inches tall we cut the maze.”

But, how do you go about making a maze challenging? Milberger has the answer.

Milberger farms plants their corn at the end of June so it’s nice and tall by the time the corn maze is ready. Credit: Dre Vazquez.

“We kind of go like this,” he said, covering his eyes. “And drive through the field.”

Milberger added even he gets lost while making the maze.

“It’s pretty bad when you come back to the same spot on the tractor and you’re like ‘okay… I know I already went through here so there’s another turn somewhere’.”

The corn maze on Milberger’s farm has been growing since around the end of June.

“We won’t touch this until November.”

And then, they’ll harvest it and it will get turned into cow feed before they prepare the field for winter.

“We try to till all of our leftovers into the ground that way they have time to break down for the following year. And then once it snows just let it sit, let that moisture stay in the ground.”

Then, another busy season will begin.

“There are no breaks for farmers. We just keep plugging along,” Milberger said.