(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Some families shopping at a Colorado Springs Walmart on Thursday night got a special surprise. A local company, WireNut Home Services, offered to pay for their carts to spread some holiday cheer.

For the last 7 years, WireNut acts as a secret Santa at different shops in Colorado Springs. They randomly pick people and surprise them by covering the cost of everything in their cart.

“It’s crazy because you don’t see companies do that ever. They’re usually asking, not giving. So it’s really nice to see someone giving for a change. We have kids so we really, really appreciate it,” said Flor Rodriguez, a surprised shopper.

They will cover anywhere from a few items to hundreds of dollars worth of gifts and groceries. WireNut spent over $3,000 at Walmart.

“There’s probably 200 or 300 dollars of stuff for just, you know, odds and ends for Christmas. I was dreading having to buy all that stuff because there’s just no money right now. But it needed to be done just to make everybody’s Christmas a little brighter. So this is a blessing. Thank you,” said Brian, a surprised shopper.

All the employees with WireNut say seeing the smiles and the joy it brings people makes every second of this secret Santa worth it.

“We’ve been through a lot in the past month. His mom just passed away. We just got an eviction notice we’re trying to pay off, so this means a lot,” said Catrina Perdue, a surprised shopper.

WireNut is paying it forward during the holiday season, to keep the cycle of giving going strong here in the community.