Local 22-year-old Kristen Fox has dealt with a chronic digestive condition since birth. Despite what she’s been through, she has a way of turning those trials into positivity for others.

“Food is not friends with my body,” said Kristen.

And it never has been. Kristen receives all of her nutrition from a catheter that runs from a vein in her arm to a vein near her heart.

“What’s happening is as time has progressed it’s almost like a slow paralysis of my digestive system has occurred,” Kristen said. “So there’s not really movement there to move food through.”

She said one key to her positivity is just living her life as normally as possible.

“We didn’t focus on it. We just said, “Ok this is the way it is right now,'” Kristen’s mother, Cynthia Fox, said. “We will take care of it. We will continue to do all the normal things that we can do and when we can’t do those things we’ll do something else. We’ll watch a movie, we’ll read a book. You know, different things like that, just taking her focus off the pain.”

“I can either look at it as a curse and make my life miserable and everyone else around me miserable, or I can treat it as a blessing in disguise,” Kristen said.

And that’s exactly what she did, by writing a book called “A Blessing in Disguise.”

“My goal with this book is not to make a profit, not to become famous or anything like that but just to be able to touch others who are hurting and to help those who feel like all hope is lost,” Kristen said.

One thing you can’t miss about Kristen and her family is the love they share. When FOX21 asked her mom what love was like for their family, words couldn’t explain it.

“It’s gotten me through,” Kristen said. “It’s the only reason that I’ve survived.”

Other than being an author, Kristen recently graduated from the University of Florida and plans to attend physician’s assistant school. If you’d like more information on her book, click here.