COLORADO SPRINGS — A Colorado Springs Letter Carrier will receive the Postmaster General Hero award for saving the life of a young girl in June 2022.

On June 15, Kimberly “Smitty” Smith was delivering an Express Mail at the Ridgeview Place Apartments. While making the delivery, the leasing office manager ran up to Smitty, dripping wet, and franticly asked if he knew CPR.

When Smitty said yes, he was led to a swimming pool where a young girl was lying face down next to the pool. Smitty reached the girl and immediately turned her onto her side and began to evacuate the stomach and lungs of water.

Smitty then proceeded to administer CPR and called 911. There were no outward signs of life when Smitty began CPR, according to a press release.

As sirens were approaching, the young girl began to breathe and cough, spitting out more water. The paramedics arrived shortly after and provided additional medical care.

“Smitty is an everyday hero who acted without hesitation to save the life of one of his customers,” said a press release.

The award ceremony will take place at Templeton Gap Post Office located on 4356 Montbello Dr. The event will begin at 8 a.m.

The Postal Service recognizes postal heroes for courageous acts. These valiant efforts include reuniting lost children with their parents, providing life-saving medical care, extinguishing fires, alerting customers to hazards, assisting at traffic accidents, and contacting authorities if they believe the customer is being targeted by scammers.