COLORADO SPRINGS — Although NASA’S Artemis I launch is postponed, August 29 brings an outstanding win for one Southern Colorado space defense contractor.

Colorado Springs-based Delta Solutions & Strategies is awarded what appears to be this year’s largest local defense contract to assist in U.S. Space Command missions.

The 5-year, $187 million contract means the company will add 150 employees.

“It’s a game changer for the company,” said Mark Stafford, President and CEO of Delta Solutions & Strategies. “It puts us in a whole different business category for the national space community.”

Delta Solutions & Strategies started 22 years ago. It’s a veteran-owned small business, and the contract makes it the primary contractor for U.S. Space Command. Delta Solutions & Strategies identified the contract as a prime target after the government advertised it two years ago.

“We’re going to be doing some cyber and IT support planning, exercise support, and support to current operations for space,” Stafford said.

Delta Solutions & Strategies specializes in modeling and simulation of space environments. With the deal comes nearly double the number of current employees and growing the headquarters in Colorado Springs by 10,000 square feet of office space.

“In addition to the people we’re putting on the contract, we’re going to hire five to ten overhead personnel in the next 60 days,” Stafford said. “Recruiting, human services, and finance positions.”

The contract arrives in Colorado Springs amid decisions to relocate U.S. Space Command headquarters. Mayor John Suthers continues to fight the proposed move to Huntsville, Alabama.

“We don’t want a reasonable location for Space Command, we want the best location for Space Command,” Mayor Suthers said in May of this year.

Congressman Doug Lamborn also won’t let up.

“The only conclusion you can come to is the Space Command should be here in Colorado, Colorado Springs in particular,” Congressman Lamborn of Colorado’s 5th Congressional District said.

Delta Solutions & Strategies has a second hub located in Huntsville and say they are prepared for a potential move.

“Wherever U.S. Space Command ends up, you know where the government decides to do that, we’re ready to support it either way,” Stafford said.