LAMAR, Colo. — Lamar Fire and Emergency Services held an ice rescue training Saturday using new rescue equipment.

During the training, crews wore the new mustang dry suits that someone in Prowers County donated. Officials note the suit will help first responders increase their capabilities and service to the public.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife tips for venturing out on the ice:

  • Be on the lookout for the signs of unsafe ice, including ice of different colors, water on top of the ice, cracks, pressure ridges, open water and bubbles in the ice. 
  • Never go onto the ice alone and never attempt to walk out onto the ice to rescue a friend because you will be at risk of falling through the ice as well.
  • Always keep your pets on a leash. Never allow your dog to run out onto the ice and never walk your dog near a frozen lake or pond without a leash. If your dog falls through the ice, do not attempt a rescue. Go for help.
  • If you can’t reach the person from shore, throw them a flotation device or a rope. If you still can’t help the person quickly—go for help.
  • Whenever you’re on the ice, you should always carry ice picks or a set of screw drivers that will float and are securely connected together with a piece nylon cord 24 to 30 inches in length. These tools will give you better leverage to pull yourself out of the water should you fall through the ice.