(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Kiwanis Club of Colorado Springs gave underprivileged children a special treat for the holiday season. They treated the kids to a free screening of “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” at the Roadhouse Cinemas.

The Kiwanis Club with the support of Partners in Housing Organization, and One Body, ENT chose to take the kids to a movie this holiday season. Kiwanis Club said the event may not seem like a big deal, for many of the kids, they may never have had the chance to go to a movie.

“So many of the families we are talking with, the parents have to work so they can’t be home with their children,” said Cheryl Kerbs from the Kiwanis Club of Colorado Springs. “So yes they hopefully got a toy and yes they probably got some food, but it’s cold and it’s December so what are they going to do. So we just kept thinking about that and what we could do and then we thought you know a movie is such a fun thing to do at Christmas time.”

After the movie, lunch was given to each child and their chaperones.