(COLORADO SPRINGS) — We are Southern Colorado and it’s time to start your recovery journey. Homeward Pikes Peak is introducing the community to the Bloom House, the only residential treatment center of its kind in El Paso County.

This important program allows mothers to receive an array of treatments for substance use and mental health concerns and to experience community while bonding with their baby during recovery. The Bloom House Residential Treatment Center or RTHC provides supportive, residential treatment for women who are pregnant or parenting with substance use disorders.

The program is operated by Homeward Pikes Peak. The project receives referrals from local hospitals, health clinics, El Paso County Department of Human Services, and 4th Judicial District Recovery Court, Family Treatment Drug Court, and Well-baby Court as well as other community-based referrals.

Women entering the program at the “clinically managed-high intensity” level (ASAM 3.5) of treatment will be required to participate in ten hours of residential clinical treatment per week in addition to ten hours of recovery support classes. This will be comprised of treatment groups, individual counseling, case management and peer coaching.

The Bloom House will also provide life skills classes, parenting skills, a wellness program that includes information on pregnancy and infant care, nutrition, and exercise. After an assessment of treatments, clients will be stepped down to clinically managed low-intensity level (ASAM 3.1). This level requires five hours of clinical services and participation in other recovery services. Bloom House will make referrals for education, training, employment, or other community resources as needed.

Bloom House Residential Treatment Center is part of the Integrated Care for Women and Babies program led by the Colorado University Anschutz Health Center. All incoming clients will be screened medically, and staff will coordinate pre-natal and post-natal health care.

Clients will be offered Medicated Assisted Treatment if appropriate. Staff will supervise all medications for all-health conditions. All infants will be connected to well-baby and pediatric care.

BHRTC has eight bedrooms, one is located on the first floor where it has ADA accessibility. There are 2.5 bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, and laundry facilities. The building is equipped with fire detection, fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Residents will work with staff to understand emergency procedures. The program will have 24-hour staffing, seven days a week.

At the time an individual enters the program, they are asked to sign an agreement to follow the program rules and to sign releases of information allowing Bloom House RTC partners to share information. Participants will also be given a copy of a handbook detailing their rights and responsibilities. Clients will be given a private bedroom and essentials from clothing to hygiene items and infant supplies as well. They will also be required to participate in daily and weekly chores.

Participants will be discharged from the program following an assessment of functioning and progress toward clinical goals. Those in the program will work with the Case Manager to determine the next housing and treatment plan to meet each unique individual’s needs. Ongoing services and support may continue from Homeward Pikes Peak with other programs such as sober living and outpatient treatment.

FOX21 Local News sat down with Beth Roalstad, Chief Executive Officer of Homeward Pikes Peak to learn more.