COLORADO SPRINGS — In honor of Junteenth, four black artists are collaborating on an immersive multi-media art installation in Colorado Springs, known as “Endangered.”

“Endangered” is multi-media show featuring art from Floyd D. Tunson and live music. Tomas Doncker and his band, the True Groove All Stars, have spent the last two years creating the project, in what he says is a celebration of truth and community.

Doncker says themes like gun violence and racism have been woven into the show. The installation will feature a visual backdrop that works in tandem with Doncker and his band’s live music performance.

“It’s our way of, not so much of fighting back, but for standing up. You know, creating a space for us through art, culture. That’s what lasts. So we thought that was the most important way to really say something,” said Doncker.

“Endangered” premieres at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center June 17 & 18 at 6:00. The show is free for students and teachers of any school with school ID, and for Colorado College Gold Card holders. All others interested in attending can find purchase information here.