“It’s graffiti on the mountain”: Cardboard signs becoming a problem on Colorado’s 14ers


DENVER, Colo. — Climb a 14er? Maybe you’ve been one of the hikers to take a picture at the summit holding a sign that bears the peak’s name and how high it is.

Those signs, often made of cardboard, can make for some memorable photos, but they’re also becoming a problem on some peaks.

“The problem is people are unfortunately leaving the signs behind on the summit,” hiker Melissa McQuen told KDVR.

Many hikers leave them in hopes of helping other climbers who might not have carried up their own signs. However, they don’t always get removed.

“I mean, it’s graffiti on the mountain,” McQueen said.

Another big problem on the trails is human waste and toilet paper, which do not decompose at high elevations.

“It’s wearing down the resources for those animals that make their homes up on the mountain,” McQueen said.

Learn more about the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative here.

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