COLORADO SPRINGS — It has been a busy weekend in Colorado Springs as the 2022 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Hall of Fame festival kicks off this weekend, giving the community a chance to meet a bunch of different Olympic athletes.

Before the Olympic parade, there was a kick-off in the plaza of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic museum.

“It’s really an Olympic spirit kind of day,” said Carrie Zimmerman, a 1972 Montréal Olympic gymnast.

And Saturday was all about bringing these Olympians together.

“You already know you’ll like that person just based on some of their core beliefs and their core values and the fact that they persevered through everything to make an Olympic team,” Zimmerman said.

The festival also provided the opportunity for fans to get to meet the athletes.

“It’s a great honor there is no question about it and very few of us will get this,” said four-time Olympian, András Törő.

András Törő reflects on his time in the Olympics.

The morning started with a kick off in the plaza followed by an Olympic parade.

“All the Olympians in the parade are all our friends and everybody — all the best Olympians,” Törő said.

Törő, a Bronze medalist in canoeing also received the annual Olympic & Paralympic Torch Award for his longtime contribution to the Olympic movement, said meeting other athletes never gets old.

“We come together and just have a good time and tell old stories and just refresh all the memories,” he said.

It is such a tight-knit group because athletes say it’s pretty exclusive, given there are only about five to seven thousand alumni at any given time.

“We all have that same core value of the Olympic spirit and not giving up and wanting to win and go USA,” Zimmerman said. “So, it is just a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and reignite that Olympic flame.”

The fun is not over yet. For more events happening this weekend, click here.