(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZoo) welcomed a new baby giraffe Wednesday morning on Oct. 19, – and it’s a girl!

Bailey, a ten-year-old reticulated giraffe at CMZoo welcomed her second calf – and second daughter – to the herd at 10:49 a.m. She gave birth just one hour and 32 minutes after a group of visitors saw Bailey’s water break in the giraffe yard, states CMZoo.

CMZoo says the calf appears to be healthy as it met milestones the care team wanted to see including taking its first steps and nursing within the first two hours after it was born.

The baby made several attempts to stand on its own, which is normal for giraffe claves as they get the hang of their long legs, says CMZoo. After a few stumbles, the giraffe care team entered the stall to help the baby giraffe struggling against a fence. Bailey was moved into the stall next to her baby while the care team moved the calf to the center of the stall where the newborn managed to stay on her feet.

The brief intervention from the care team confirmed that the calf is a girl. CMZoo says they do not have an exact height or weight on the baby but estimates that she is close to six feet tall and 125 pounds – a normal weight and height for a calf.

The newborn is the 17th member of CMZoo’s reticulated giraffe herd and the seventh to be sired by dad, Khalid. Following CMZoo’s tradition, the baby will not be named until she is at least 30 days old.

Bailey and the baby can be seen from a short distance to guests in the giraffe barn on Oct. 20, as long as the pair are healthy and calm, states CMZoo. The giraffe building will be closed for the remainder of the day to allow mom and baby quiet time to bond and nurse. The rest of the CMZoo herd will be available for viewing and feeding from elevated platforms at the outside yard where guests can feed lettuce to the herd.