(COLORADO SPRINGS) — The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) found items for producing bombs after responding to a call for a person with an apparent gunshot wound in the morning hours of Tuesday, May 16.

According to CSPD, on Tuesday at around 7 a.m. officers were notified of a possible gunshot wound victim at the hospital. When officers arrived they found the victim’s injuries were possibly from a pipe bomb.

The Regional Explosives Unit (REU) was contacted to obtain more information. Based on the information REU received, a search warrant on the suspect’s home was conducted in the 3600 block of Birnamwood Drive near Research Parkway and North Union Boulevard.

Upon the investigation, the REU found items that were consistent with the creation of explosives, according to CSPD.

CSPD said the victim is the suspect in this incident and no arrests have been made.