WATCH: Australian bushfire overtakes fire crew


(CNN) — Firefighters from Australia’s Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade narrowly dodged a swelling wildfire after a change in wind caused the fire to overtake the landscape.

The video recorded on January 4 was posted to Facebook on Tuesday by the Dunmore Rural Fire Brigade, illustrating how winds can dramatically and rapidly change the conditions of the bushfires in Australia.

Firefighters can be seen getting into position as smoke billows in the background.

There is a change in the wind, and we see a fresh urgency from the fire crew as the sky blackens with the smoke as it gets thicker, and the fire closes in.

Ninety seconds into the video – sparks, and embers are raining down on the fire crew. Just 15 seconds later – the rural firefighters measure the wind at 100 kilometers per hour (about 62 mph); the fire crew said embers and spot fires were overtaking their position at that point.

Then two minutes into the video – the fire is now spreading rapidly, and visibility has diminished to virtually zero. Firefighters activate water sprays on their firetrucks to protect themselves and their equipment.

Despite the terrifying conditions, the crew holds its position and continues to fight the blaze for 9 minutes. The crew eventually withdraws safely with their fire truck intact, unhurt, and they saved the nearby property.

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