COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s International Moon Day! Those who celebrate the holiday are commemorating the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing– the first time humans stepped foot on the surface of the moon.

Video from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the first human foot tracks made by astronauts after all this time.

According to NASA, Apollo 11 is the most well-known mission to the moon. However, prior missions paved the way for the success of Apollo 11. Robotic explorers like Ranger & Surveyor allowed NASA to test traveling to the Moon and landing on the Moon. Crewed missions like Apollo 8, 9, and 10 tested entering and exiting lunar orbit.

NASA says they are in the midst of preparing a return to the lunar surface. Missions like Artemis I and CAPSTONE will act as pathfinders, which will test elements of the overall plan before a human return to the Moon.